Friday, July 27

C:L Achievements and Rewards (Discontinued 9/27)

The achievement part of the game was abandoned on 9/27/12 to help lower the barrier of entry. There was a blog post on the same day that talks about the change.

Achievement Criteria
There are up to 7 achievements available at a time. Each one has a randomly attached reward from the Rewards found below. They are single use and should be self explanatory.

  • Kill a player with a 11+ power creature.
This one gives players the option to prolong the game in order to meet this achievement. I consider that to be okay since that will give their opponent a chance to get back in the game.

I increased it from 10 to 11 because I realized Artisan of Kozilek has 10 power when I thought it had 9. It gets achieved easily enough so it's a fair update.
  • Win a game while your opponent has a card with two stickers in play.
This is the perfect kind of achievement. It rewards a player from coming back from a difficult situation. It used to include games that such a card was cast, whether or not it was in play. It's more appropriate this way now that there are a lot more cards with two stickers.
  • Mulligan to 5 and win.
Used to be 4 but that took a really long time to be achieved. This should be better.
  • Cast Dead Weight against Ricky.
This one took a surprisingly long time to be achieved. I tried to do it many times but pairings never worked out in my favor. I think it was a really fun idea to include a specific person but wouldn’t want to include more than 2 achievements like this one at a time.
  • Kill someone with a card named after them.
This was achieved surprisingly fast but it’s still a really good one. It’s difficult to accomplish but feels really good when you do. It shouldn't be achieved nearly as fast as it was the first time.
  • Overkill your opponent by at least 11 damage.
One of the new splashy ones. I'd say pretty fun to achieve.
  • Lose a game on or before turn 4.
Not every achievement should be about something positive. Sometimes losers should also get something, preferably when they feel like they didn't have a chance.
  • Deck out each of your opponents.
Yet to be achieved. This one might just be too difficult. Players are likely to want to concede before their opponent has a chance to finish them off. This one will probably leave the list.

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