Monday, September 16

C/Ube Revamp (pics)

Last year I blogged a lot about "Cube: Legacy" which was a form of cube that involved progressively adding errata to cards in a "level up" fashion. It was based on Risk: Legacy and the idea came about from past Magic designer Gregory Marques. You can read about it from my earlier blog posts but I've since dropped the idea. It was a great idea and fun while it lasted but there were too many obstacles to continue it (primarily the upkeep and barriers to entry for a lot of players).

One of the reasons I liked the idea was because my cube is only commons and uncommons so it added an aspect that deepened the format when it otherwise might be considered dull. But the design of my cube has come a long way since then. I've only just revamped it so there hasn't been much play with it but if functions pretty similarly to Modern Masters draft and it isn't dull in my opinion.

I'm also undertaking another cube project in Boozecube (which I'll post about soon). It's not hard to come up with ways to drink while playing Magic but the idea of designing a format around it was enticing so I took Jay Boosh's idea of Boozecube and made it my own. I'm still working on it and, of course, there's lots of playtesting (read: drinking) to be done so it's a work in progress.

The new C/Ube list was influenced by Eric Klug's cube which he tweets about and has written about. The new list can be viewed here on, which is an amazing website for cubers by the way. I shaved it down to 510 (or so) cards in order to better support specific archetypes including the following:
  • Wx Aggro/Rebels
  • Rx Aggro
  • Azorius Control
  • W, R, and/or G Tokens
  • B, G, and/or U Dredge
  • Rakdos (+g/w) Aristocrats
  • UB Reanimator
  • Gxxx Ramp.
There are still a few oddball rules in the cube. Primarily, white 2 and 3-drops have rebel errata. Otherwise, white would be a pretty awful color. Squadron Hawk is also in the cube and it comes with three additional Hawks that you can wish for rather than fill your library with. And damage goes on the stack like in the old days.

Here are some sample decks that I drafted on

Orzhov Aristocrats/Tokens

Azorius Control with a black splash

Golgari "Aristocrats"

Red Aggro with a green splash

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