Tuesday, June 19

C:L In Indianapolis

When cubing with some first timers in Indianapolis this past weekend I realized that being able to make broken cards so easily (the ones I mentioned above) is a hindrance to newcomers and to fun in general. So, I did end up resetting Sakura-Tribe Elder before starting that draft. The other broken cards still exist because I don’t want to be the one spending all my points on resets (and why would I reset my own Crusher?), but as the cube owner I’ll probably get over that. In any case, I’ve decided to make it harder to create such unfair cards by increasing the point cost when the second sticker is being added to a card. I think that should keep things a bit more balanced for a while.

Since this post, I’ve realized that costing a few extra points won't stop someone from making a broken card if they want to. A better fix for the problem is to have abilities with insane synergy, like Graft 1 and Persist, on the sheet at different times. Persist and Undying also happened to be undercosted during that time. They are now worth 9 and 12 points. It’s still possible to make some broken cards but now it requires jumping through hoops.

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