Wednesday, June 13

Cube: Legacy, Fun=Success (start here)

The original article by Gregory Marques on “Cube: Legacy” can be found here and my Pauper Cube list (updated regularly) can be found here.

I don’t ball hard enough to own a “real” cube, so about a year ago I decided to start production on a “Pauper Cube.” The idea behind the cube was that it wouldn’t just be an “all good stuff cube” like many of the “real” cubes are, but a cube that would resemble a real Limited format. I’ve used other common/uncommon based cubes as guides and evolve it when I find new cards that fill holes in the cube.

My friends and I had a good time with my cube for a while, but eventually they got tired of it and often preferred to use a "real" cube. At about the same time, Gregory Marques wrote an article about Cube: Legacy. Suffice it to say, I was thoroughly impressed by the depth and interactivity his idea would provide for a cube like mine.

Without much delay I created my own guidelines and stickers for Pauper Cube: Legacy and we had ourselves a new format that could detract attention from using "real" cubes. It's a bit of work keeping a Cube: Legacy functioning, but I imagine that all cubes are in different ways.

In the first draft we did, Sakura-Tribe Elder was given Undying and I realized that drafting with just spikes would end up ruining a lot of the potential for fun, but it would also add to it in other ways (for example, I turn3ed Shahar last weekend). I ended up adding a way to reset cards in order to fix problems like this as they pop up. Just having it as an option also helps as a deterrent from things like that.

Currently, the most broken (and apt to be reset) cards in the cube include: Hetrick’s Crusher with Hexproof and Miracle 2, Mulldrifter with Undying and Unearth, and Sakura-Tribe Elder with Undying and Persist.

If you’d like to work on your own Cube: Legacy (or are just interested), I’ve included my current rules and rotating ability sheet below. And if you’d like to make your own custom stickers, try visiting You can order a couple sheets of "labels" as samples and use their software to print out very effective ability stickers. I spent a bit of time doing that myself and ended up losing all the stickers at GP Anaheim. Now I just write on slips of paper and stick them in the sleeve until I have time to make appropriate stickers. I only ordered 3 sheets of label paper but I still have months before I'll run out.

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