Sunday, September 2

Custom Planeswalkers For My Cube

I like doing neat things with my cube and since it's a nonrare cube there are no Planewalkers in it. I wanted that to change so I designed a cycle of Walkers that I thought would be fair and fun. This is the third iteration of them and I'd like to know your thoughts! Some were designed with certain aspects of the cube in mind. Be aware that the power level is intended to be that of uncommons and that they are being played with other nonrares.


  1. These are cool. Memnarch's +2 and -7 is an extremely cool synergy. Seems like putting a very sweet Johnny card (last stand and the like) which otherwise is way too cute to work, on PWs ultimate is the best way to make those effects see some play. A lesson for WotC I believe.
    Also I feel like recently WotC have been printing too many "safe" PWs after they figured out the now standard design for PWs which from the top of my head is basically:
    A decent +1 ability.
    A strong minus ability which doesn't kill the PW immediately (usually leaves it at 1 loyalty).
    Ultimate which wins the game most of the time and can be accessed after 3-4 turns.
    Koth/Jace 4.0/Liliana/Ajani etc.
    It's a good design space to be as far as balance goes, but it feels a bit dull after a while. So I really like -1/+1 on Slobad/Garruk as well as the -X semi-ultimates on Lin Sivvi/Garruk.
    And sorry for the long rant :P

  2. I think they're still exploring the design space for walkers reasonably well. One of the very first walkers, Garruk Wildspeaker, had an ultimate that was active only one +1 and it was one of those splashy cute abilities. They've done lots of different things since then.

    And don't apologize, I appreciate the comment. :)